Escudellers, 23

In one of the most known streets in Barcelona, is the first store of ceramic of Art Escudellers and the biggest in Spain.

This great Crafts Center was founded in 1997, where the handmade pottery is clearly his soul.

We will find also the items of iron, glass etc. all products are handmade.

On the first floor of this store we have ceramic tableware, sculptures, decorative items and articles of use that make this place revered by lovers of author's articles.On the basement, there is the "exhibition space", a place where many authors exhibit and temporarily sell their works and their new creations, and also there is a cellar of great wines and exclusive food products.

The impressive character of the shop, leaves all visitors amazed and expectant, and we are proud that this store is the origin of everything and a place visited by ceramics lovers and crafts in general.