Art Escudellers is located in the heart of Barcelona, in C/ Escudellers 23-25. During the 13th and 14th centuries C/ Escudellers was the street on which the potters guild was located: it was occupied mainly by the “Ollers” or potters which specialized in the manufacture of pots and pans. Towards the end of the 14th century, the “Ollers” or potters was replaced by the “Escudellers”. This were potters specialized specifically in the production of “escudillas”, items that were used for virtually everything at the time. “Escudillas” were manufactured in different diameters and were decorated with different topics.

During recent years, the street has been remodeled and includes now new shops that propose new airs and innovating trends. In 1997, Art Escudellers was inaugurated at C/ Escudellers in order to recover the origins of traditional professions and handicrafts.

Still today in Catalan dictionaries the word “escudeller” is a synonym of ceramist, potter.


Art Escudellers is a young and dynamic company: founded in 1997, since de opening it has kept a very positive growth, it has maintained a firm identity and gesture, with the clear objective of recovering Spanish handicrafts, in special pottery.

Spanish handicraft, particularly pottery, -which is by the way one of the most prestigious ceramics in the world – is experiencing a recession process. During the last century, the world industrialization process has substituted manpower and labor by machines.

Art Escudellers goes upstream and offers its craftsmen and customers the chance to preserve tradition and quality products. The wealth of a culture is reflected in its art, its tradition, its culture; it is a too valuable heritage to allow it to disappear.

We have representation of all craftsmen in Spain. Offers more than 200 artisans the opportunity to continue working in their job, joining efforts to get to offer the customer an original, creative and quality products.

Also, we displays the widest range of crafts in Spain and has over 30.000 different products available and in which we continuously incorporate new references.

We work with highly qualified and professional staff that provides product information and ensures quality advice.

In our establishment displays; We give special relevancy to the space dedicated to traditional, popular Spanish pottery, also we have in display some of the works of the contemporary ceramics.

We dispose all kind of complements of house and tableware with exclusive hand painted decoration. We offer products of gardening, blown glass and fusing glass. Fashion in ceramics has changed over time, however tile production in all styles still conserve that special charm. Therefore, our customers can enjoy our variety of ceramic tiles.

Today we have six physical stores located in the heart of Barcelona:

C/ Escudellers, 23, 08002 Barcelona, España

C/ Avinyò, 33, 08002 Barcelona, España

C/ Petrixol, 8, 08002 Barcelona, España

C/ Banys Nous 14, 08002 Barcelona, España

Plaça de l’Àngel 2, 08002 Barcelona, España


Handicrafts are the intelligent combination of Art, Knowledge, Tradition and Experience; it is a parallel life style to our society, many years of effort are required in order to obtain the quality and prestige desired.